Plans were made and some stock commissioned but everything came to a grinding halt when our first child was born later that year.

I was tied to a new job managing a construction plastics depot in Gloucester and we moved to a new house in Cheltenham.  The next three years kept us busy and we were blessed with our second child and another move to our second house in the same town.

Things began to settle a little and I turned my attention once more to creating incense blends and pagan artefacts and producing a small press pagan magazine that was sold through the moot network in Gloucestershire and in one of the Witchcraft shops in Glastonbury.

Needless to say just when we thought we were getting settled the opportunity to move to France presented itself.  This was something Sophie and I had talked about for several years but had not expected the opportunity to arise until I reached retirement age.

What about us?

Well I’ve been involved with the craft since my early teens which means for over 40 years and Sophie who gives me constant inspiration and encouragement has been involved for many years also.  

I have produced several small press pagan magazines the main ones being “Merrymet Magazine” when I lived in Yorkshire and “The Woldswitch Papers” when I later lived in Gloucestershire.


I really hope you like the shop and find something to interest you.

You never know we may even meet up when we’re out and about with the stall at pagan events in France Britain and Europe.

If you wish to contact me about anything please do so via the contacts page.

Wiccan Supplies Store

I have run moots and was one of the co-founders of the first “Pendle Witch Camp” in Lancashire in the UK in sight of the famous Pendle Hill.

Other than this I hide in my workshop and create incense blends and make wands staffs, runes, pendulums etc., in fact anything I can turn my hand to.

The Witch Chandlery Esoteric Supply Store
Cheers for now Paul Witchcraft Supplies Store

So here we are living in a 17th century house on a 5 acre smallholding in the rural heart of France.  

We’ve had another child, our last now we think, our young children go to school here and I have at last managed to get the business up and running.

I sell incense etc. at markets and fairs in our local region and now have this internet shop The Witch Chandlery.

Where to start?

Well the Witch Chandlery was created back in 2005 when my wife Sophie and I decided the stall I used to have at pagan fairs and conferences in the UK needed a name and to try and turn it into a proper business.

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The Witch Chandlery

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