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As the title says if you want anything else created for you just contact us with what you’re looking for and we’ll see if we can help you.

Whatever you are thinking about why not get in contact today, it costs nothing to ask and we’ll see if we can help you, no matter how strange you may think your request is.

Just use the contact link  

All enquiries and any subsequent commissions undertaken are treated in the strictest confidence and you can be assured of receiving our utmost attention to every detail of your unique, one of a kind, custom made item.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Please contact us to discuss your requirements or to request a price

Welcome to the Witch Chandlery Bespoke custom enquiry and order page.

As part of the Witch Chandlery Bespoke service we offer custom made articles to your specification.

The Witch Chandlery Esoteric Supply Store

Bespoke Enquiry and Orders Form

Speciality Incense blends.

There are times that you may like a special loose incense blend created.

The Incense Alchemist at The Witch Chandlery can blend one off incenses for specific magical workings, celebrations or rituals.

All enquiries will be kept in strictest confidence and a record can be kept of all ingredients and measurements used in the creation of the incense so that it may be recreated for you at a later date if so required.

Any blend created for you for a specific magical working will not be supplied to anyone else unless you give your consent for it to be made generally available.  

In this case you have the opportunity to name the blend (such as Windsongs incense blend for zip zap workings) though the blend would remain the property of us.

We can provide whatever quantity you require, with the minimum order being just 25 grams.  

If you would like a custom blend created please contact us with your enquiry using the Enquiry Form below, giving us as much detail as possible as to what you are looking for and we will get back to you to discuss your requirements further and provide you with a quotation and expected delivery time.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements or to request a price

Robes and Cloaks

Our robes and cloaks are made by hand by a very talented seamstress who, like us lives and works deep in the heart of the French countryside.

We supply only natural cotton unisex robes that are made on request to your specific height and size.

These robes are kept plain so that you can die them to your colour requirements if desired.

Our cloak design is unique and made to be worn during working rituals.

They feature three clasps at the front (neck level, mid chest and waist) they also have arm slits to enable keeping them fastened whilst working in colder conditions.

The hood is traditional in style.

By only fastening the top clasp and keeping the sleeve slits closed they can be worn and look like a traditional cloak.

The cloaks are made from fleece meaning they are relatively light yet having good thermal qualities.

Available in three colours (Brown, Black or Green) and made to measure.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements or to request a price


Just contact us with your requirements, ideas and visions.

We have been making wands for many years and apart from making natural hand crafted wood wands using the ancient traditional art of whittling finished with our own natural beeswax polish made from our own bee colonies, we also create specialist pieces using all manner of raw materials and finishes.

This really is an art form and the items created are totally unique and tailored to your individual needs.

Sometimes some things just need to be made for you specially.

Contact us now and let’s discuss your ideas.


We can make masks for ritual, festivals and celebrations.

Contact us with your design ideas or information on what you need it for and we’ll create a mask for you.

Each mask is completely unique and totally hand made to order.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements or to request a price

Here is a short list of some of the items for which we offer this service.

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