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Merry Meet and welcome to our small family run esoteric supply store that we have created for all your pagan supplies be they witchcraft supplies, Wiccan supplies or Druid.

We carry products to help you with your spell craft, ritual magic and pagan festivals and celebrations, from candles, incense and ritual tools to cauldrons, runes and divination equipment as well as bespoke custom made robes, cloaks, speciality incenses and many other items such as hand crafted wands, staffs, masks and much much more.

Please browse the site and hopefully you will find something to delight.

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Welcome to a site created by witches for wiccans, druids and all persuasions of pagans

Our aim to supply your equipment and ritual needs

We’ve fine quality wares such as hand crafted wands, pendulums and runes for divination


We’ve candles and powders for magic and altar wares

Hand blended incense and incense supplies, charm bottles, charcoal and sizes of cauldrons

Scrying balls, tarot cards, oils and burners

Of course some of our wares will give little surprise.

Then down in the chandlery who knows what’s hidden

From poppets and offerings to second hand bargains, it’s constantly changing

As skulls, old cauldrons and interesting items we find.

To be able to supply something just that little bit different our vision

Something a little bit special, or scary, or even taboo

So step inside our shop and tarry a while,

For you never know what things inside are just waiting for you.

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For all your Witchcraft supplies, Druid supplies; we are your Pagan and Wiccan online store.

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Hail and welcome to Witchcraft supplies store

The Witch Chandlery

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